Strategies To Follow If You Play European Roulette

For many people gambling is the matter of luck. They think it is the luck that makes people win or lose. Roulette is one of the games that is associated with the biggest risk. Speed of the spin seems to determine the outcome of the game. In reality, roulette game is grounded on mathematical principles. It is statistics and strategies that determine whether you gain your prize or not.

What Determines Your Success In Roulette Game

The very basic requirement for any player is to have basic knowledge in statistics. This science helps to count the probability of any event that can happen. If you can prognoze the probability you win.

It is important to employ various strategies. Experienced player employs various types of techniques to win the game. The success is not 100 % guaranteed but it is quite high. It is good to remember that European roulette is easier to win than American one. It offers one zero pocket and 36 pockets in total.

Most Famous Strategies To Play European Roulette

It is possible to multiple your chances to win in this game. You can employ:

  • 64 percent strategy. It guarantees for 64 percent you win a game. The idea behind it is the next. You need to put bets on 2 out of three dozens. In case you did not win, you have to use the rules of mathematical progression for further betting. 64 percent success is quite high for a roulette. This strategy is advised to apply.
  • L’Alembert roulette strategy. This technique is totally based on mathematical equations. You have to choose a starting bet, and after each loss you need to increase it by one. If you win you need to decrease a bet by one. Consequence of choosing the bet is calculated. If you have a good memory, you can memorize the equations for the whole game.
  • Reverse L’Alembert. It is the strategy that is a reverse to the L’Alembert technique. It says that in order to be successful in game you need to have more wins that loses.
  • Cover the table. This is the strategy that is less grounded on mathematical analysis. You increase your chances to win by covering the table with multiple bets. This technique has some limitations. The chance that you win is lower than if you apply strategies described above.

You should try multiple gaming techniques to determine which one is right for you.

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