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Tips from your Nana: Waste not, Want not!
Robyn Paterson – Illustrations by Tammy Williams

Wanting to grow your own veges? Wondering how to make jam? Thinking, ‘Hmm… backyard chickens’? Well, snuggle up under your patchwork quilt with a glass of elderflower champers and Nana (and friends) will show you how.

Tips from Your Nana is a fun, quirky, must-have household bible to keep close at hand. With simple instructions and pointers from those who have ‘been there, done that’, it is a practical, step-by-step guide covering a wide range of lifestyle basics. Full of irresistible ideas, from old-fashioned lemonade to homemade body scrub, the book doesn’t call for special equipment or ingredients. Whether you live in a palatial mansion or a studio apartment on the seventieth floor, you can do it! read more

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